Wandelroute s-Hertogenbosch



Here I’ve worked on a Travel route for Erfgoed ‘s-Hertogenbosch together with a group of artist and another developer. We had to make a Augmented Reality GPS system to walk around all the land marks, the Augmented Reality would simulate what buildings stood here in history, and a small story to tell everything around the area.

GPS System.

This is what we started with, I used the unity’s internal GPS data gatherer to get areas around s-Hertogenbosch their GPS location and keep them in a array. What you see here is what I used to check if I was actually on the location that I assigned in the code. I used JSON files to keep the data for all the different areas.

Location Data System.

When you’re at the GPS location that you need to be for the AR to activate then all the information is changed to the current location. This is again done with a JSON file and I will show how this is done here, with the JSON file included.

Augmented Reality System.

When arriving at the GPS location not only does the UI change with the text, objects will around your camera. These are historical objects that once occupied s-Hertogenbosch. We used ARcore on the android phone to make the objects appear, together with my GPS system we could let objects when you’re at certain location.