Clubs and Shoes

Clubs and Shoes, a small turned based game.

What you see here is a small game that I made that is called clubs and shoes. It is a game where you create your units on a map and after that you try to kill the enemy units. The art assets aren’t mine and are credited below.

Unit Creation

Here we have the unit creation, in order to create a unit you need to select all the different perks that are listed in the middle of the panel, additionally a weapon can be bought as well.



These perks and weapons are stored in structs. This is done so that you can easily add more perks or change a couple of them, and all the different data will be easily transferable from the Shop menu to the Unit. Additionally, if there are any bugs (which I had trouble with in creation of this game.) you can easily find and fix them, as you can easily follow where the data is going.

Unit Combat

The combat is this game is a bit unique and tricky, when you get close to an enemy the Timer will stop and you will get a small action menu, where you can decide to attack or ignore the current enemy.


The combat is all about the unit his defense and strength, but the weapons can also have a huge role in this. As weapons amplify the damage, have different range of attack and even how fast you can attack. The calculation is simple in itself and I will show it here.


The combat itself triggers when it’s your turn and the range of your weapon is close enough to the enemy. You will get a small menu and when you attack it plays an attack animation. This animation will last depending on the speed of the weapon. Stronger weapons usually have less speed. There are a lot of timers that regulate this combat, here you have the turn timer, as you can see it stops when combat is active, and will resume when you attack or ignore combat.

Credited Art Assets.

Thanks for these Unity Asset Store assets so that I could create a visual appealing game.